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A Recipe from the Ariel House Kitchen

Brown Bread Ariel HouseWe are very lucky to have such a talent in our kitchen, as we’ve mentioned before here at Ariel House. We have developed a great reputation not only for our amazing breakfasts but also for our afternoon teas. You can start off your day with us before you head out into the city. We offer everything for breakfast from a traditional Irish breakfast to a range of egg dishes, smoked salmon, pancakes or a vegetarian option. Our buffet is filled with granolas, yoghurts, fresh fruit and lots of fresh baked goodies. Brown bread, a popular Irish bread, is of course also served so to create that home baked goodness at home we’ve provided you with our recipe. This specific recipe does make 5 loaves – but make one batch and you’ll have plenty on hand for family and friends.

Brown Bread
2 ½ lb self-raising white flour
1 ½ lb whole meal flour
12oz porridge oats
1 Tsp sugar
4 Tsp salt
9 Tsp baking powder
4 Tsp soda bread
4 eggs
3 pints of milk

Makes 5 loaves of bread (so freeze what you don’t’ need )
Mix all the dry ingredients thoroughly
Then add all 4 Eggs
Add the pints of milk
Mixture should be wet

Divide the mixture up evenly between loaf pans (pans should be greased or lined)
Bake at 707ºF for 35-45 minutes
Remove from oven and let cool on a rack.

Our afternoon tea is also a very popular way to finish up your long day in Dublin. Return to our comfortable dining room for a special treat. We also serve our brown bread at tea with smoked salmon. A recent visitor to Ariel House – Nollaig, who writes her blog Fascination Food – gave our afternoon tea a glowing review in July 2013. She not only describes our entire range of delicious goodies in style but also took lots of photographs as well so we think her description needs none of our input. You can read her post here.

Let us know if you have any special requests for tea we would be happy to accommodate you.

The Ariel House Team

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