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Ariel House; It’s Always Teatime in Dublin

I enjoy a good pint as much as the next person, but when it all boils down to it, I’m much more of a tea drinker. To help out all of you who would much prefer spending the afternoon with scones and pots of Orange Pekoe, I’ve gone on a little coffee tour of Dublin to find out where the best places in the city for just such an afternoon are.


1) Queen of Tarts – Sweetest Atmosphere

The Queen of Tarts is possibly the most adorable café I have ever been into. As soon as you walk in the door you feel as though you’ve stepped into an old fashioned tea parlor. When you order, your tea comes in beautiful china cups. On top of that, they have a variety of delicious cakes to choose from. Some of their best sellers are the Victoria Sponge and the Bailey’s Cheesecake. If you’re more interested in a brunch or a full meal, the café has delicious breakfast and lunch menus with plenty of options to choose from.

2) Clement & Pekoe – Best Place to Read a Good Book

If you find yourself getting cabin fever on one of Dublin’s rainy summer days, Clement & Pekoe is a wonderful place to go to while away a few hours. The coffee shop has several cozy nooks and corners for you to settle into, and has even converted an old fireplace into a little couch. In the back of the café are bookcases with books that you can borrow while you sip on an espresso or indulge in one of the café’s lovely brownies.

3) Network – Best cup of Coffee

Recently opened up, Network is a lovely modern café with a beautiful sunny atmosphere. One of the best parts about this café is how much fun everyone has there. The baristas were extremely friendly, and very obviously enjoyed their job. Network has a great selection of different cakes that you can try, and their croissants are delicious. This café also offers their drinks both hot and iced, which is wonderful for hot summer days like we’ve been having recently!

4) 3fe – Closest to Home

3fe is well-known in Dublin for having delicious coffee, and in fact, many other coffee shops serve their blend of beans. One of the best things about this café, however, is that it’s only a ten minute walk from Ariel House’s front door! This is a great place to come for a delicious cup of coffee on a sunny afternoon, or to stop by on your walk around the neighborhood.

5) Joy of Cha – Best Tea Selection

The next place I stopped at on my little coffee shop crawl was the Joy of Cha café in Temple Bar. This little café looks tiny from the outside, but when you head inside you’ll find it’s actually quite a nice size. The shop specializes in tea, and when you walk in you can either choose your own blend of tea or make a selection from their wall of different varieties. The staff are very helpful, and can find something for everyone’s taste, whether that’s fruity, sweet, or energetic!

6) Keogh’s – Best Place to Get Some Work Done

Everyone has days where they need to get a little work done, and the perfect spot for that in the city is Keogh’s café. Located right near Dame Street, Keogh’s is right in the center of the city and is a great place to get a few emails sent. The café has plenty of space and great Wi-Fi, and most importantly it has great coffee to keep you going!

At the end of an afternoon like that you’ll probably be quite full, as I certainly was, which means it’s a great time to head back to Ariel House for a cozy evening and a newspaper. If you want to follow my coffee shop crawl, feel free to follow the map I used. Next week I’ll be writing about Irish Gaelic and teaching you a few useful phrases. See you then!

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