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Ariel House; Broadway Comes to Dublin

The hit musical, Once, opened in Dublin last weekend and is a wonderful way to spend an evening out on the town! The musical is being performed at the Olympia Theatre every evening at eight o’clock and on Saturday afternoons at three o’clock.


Once is a beautiful musical which follows the story of a young Irish street musician living in Dublin. He is feeling discouraged after his last relationship, and is all but ready to give up music when he meets a young girl from the Czech Republic who brings his passion back to life. The two of them work together to help him produce his first musical album, and as they grow closer together they learn more about each other and more about love. It is a beautiful love story about how music brings people together.


The musical has been on Broadway for three years and was also performed in the West-End for two years. It has won eight Tony Awards including Best Musical, a Grammy Award for Best Musical Theatre Album, and an Oscar for Best Original Song, Falling Slowly.


One of the most exciting aspects of the show is the live music beforehand! The doors open an hour before the show begins for a stunning live music show. All of the actors in the musical are musicians, playing a variety of instruments including the bass, fiddle, and guitar. The actors are all Irish, as well, giving the musical a real at-home feel. After the pre-show music and drinks, the show segues seamlessly from a music performance into the splendid musical. During intermission, you can go up onstage and order a drink from the on-set bar!


Overall, this show will give you a night to remember! Next week I’ll be posting about a wonderful way to spend an afternoon by the sea. “Sea” you then!

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