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Ariel House; Crispy Bacon Soda Bread

img_7259 Soda bread is such a traditional Irish thing to make in your kitchen. It is such a quick bread and because baking soda is used as a leavening agent you can make it and eat a round of soda bread within an hour! The joy of eating fresh soda bread, slathered in real Irish butter, whilst still warm from the oven is immense! A traditional Irish tea table was never complete without a round or two of this bread in the centre.


  • 450g of plain white flour
  • 1 tsp of salt
  • 1 tsp of bread soda
  • 110g cooked crispy bacon (we grilled ours for the crunch effect)
  • 400ml of buttermilk


  • Preheat the oven to 230 degrees centigrade.
  • Sieve the flour, salt and bread soda into a large bowl, make a well in the centre.
  • Put the cooked bacon into a measuring jug and top up with buttermilk to the 400ml mark.
  • Pour the milk into the well and using one hand bring all the flour in from the sides to make a soft dough. If it is sticky add a little more flour.
  • Turn the dough onto a floured surface and with floured hands gently pat into a round shape approximately two inches high.
  • Place the dough onto a floured baking sheet and cut a deep cross in it.
  • Place in the preheated oven for ten minutes before lowering the temperature to 200 degrees and baking for another twenty minutes.
  • The bread is cooked fully when it sounds hollow when the base is tapped.


There are so many things you can add to this versatile bread. Sultanas, nuts, chocolate chips, wild garlic and grated cheese to name just a few. Soda bread is such a traditional bread to make and a very handy recipe to add to your repertoire!


Till the next time!

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