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Dublin After Dark

With Halloween around the corner and kids on midterm, one great way to celebrate the holiday is to hop on board the Ghost bus tour. The bus operates every evening at eight o’clock in the evening, and is a fantastic way to explore the darker side of Dublin. The evening begins with a spooky experience […]

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Life in the Countryside

  For anyone interested in seeing what life in the Irish countryside is like, a great place to go for a day is Causey Farm! Causey Farm is a beautiful farm located in Kells, which is about an hour outside of Dublin. The farm is a family owned business run by the Murtagh family, who […]

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An Aran Island Adventure

Dublin is a beautiful city, and is a wonderful place to visit during your time on Ireland’s east coast. However, Ireland’s west coast also has much to offer and is a beautiful place to visit during your stay in Ireland. One of the more rugged areas along the west coast is the Aran Islands, which […]

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Touring Northern Ireland

Many visitors to Ireland like the idea of getting out of Dublin and seeing some more of the country, but there isn’t always time to spend multiple days doing it. The good news is, Darby O’Gill Tours does a lovely day tour up to Northern Ireland!   The tour begins at 7:30am at the Custom […]

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Back Stage at The Abbey Theatre

If you love theatre and the arts, then a great place to go for an afternoon is Abbey Theatre. The Abbey is the original National Theatre and was founded by Lady Gregory and William Butler Yeats. And the most exciting part is that it’s still in operation today! You can attend a show there, or, […]

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Ariel House; Broadway Comes to Dublin

The hit musical, Once, opened in Dublin last weekend and is a wonderful way to spend an evening out on the town! The musical is being performed at the Olympia Theatre every evening at eight o’clock and on Saturday afternoons at three o’clock.   Once is a beautiful musical which follows the story of a […]

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Ariel House; All About Bloomsday

One of the things Dublin is most famous for is as being the home of the renowned writer, James Joyce. Joyce famously wrote the novel Ulysses, which is set in Dublin and follows the adventures and misadventures of a young man named Leopold Bloom who is out looking for a son. The book takes place […]

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Bloom 2015 – A Good Reason Why You Should Be Talking About Horticulture And Food

We had a wonderful day at Bloom yesterday. Despite the weather forecast reports, we headed over to the Phoenix Park with an optimistic attitude, our umbrella. our sunscreen and shades. We were not disappointed. Bloom is full of wonderful local Irish producers. We met friends and suppliers, old and new and tasted lots of their amazing […]

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Easter Egg Brownies

As a child nothing else signalled the end of the festive period as effectively as the appearance of the box of Cadburys Creme Eggs on the counter beside the till in our local shop. There was nothing like the excitement of unwrapping the first creme egg of the season and the first bite into the […]

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St. Patrick’s Day 2015

In Ireland St Patrick’s Day is our official national holiday celebrating and commemorating St Patrick and the birth of Christianity in Ireland. It is celebrated all over the country and in many places across the world. Parades, festivals and ceilis are all commonplace and it is customary to wear something green or adorn your chosen […]

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