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Food Hotspots near Ariel House Guesthouse In Ballsbridge

Great places to eat near Ariel House Guesthouse

This week, we asked Lorraine Griffin, who is a freelance food and lifestyle writer, to give us her top 5 foodie hotspots in the Ballsbridge area surrounding Ariel House.

Roly’s Bistro & Cafe has been a stalwart of the Dublin dining scene for over 20 years. A lively spot, their award-winning chefs produce consistently high-quality food. Try the signature ‘Kerry Lamb Pie’! For something more casual they have a cafe and bakery, where you can pick up a freshly baked treat to enjoy whilst exploring the neighbourhood. If time permits –it’s worth popping into nearby rugby pub Paddy Cullen’s (you might just spot some well-known sporting heroes!)

Roly’s Bistro & Cafe, 7 Ballsbridge Terrace  Dublin 4, (01) 668 2611

The menu at Isabel’s Restaurant is dictated wholly by what is fresh, or has been fished or plucked from the earth that day. Housed in a Georgian basement, it’s a wine-lover’s paradise. Vintage bottles line the walls and old wine crates are upstyled to create cosy dining tables. Its candle-lit atmosphere makes for a very romantic setting away from the city hustle.

Isabel’s Restaurant, 112 Baggot Street Lower  Dublin 2, (01) 661 9000

Junior’s Deli & Cafe serves creative seasonally inspired salads and sandwiches from 12 each day. At night, it transforms into a cosy tavern showcasing Italian interpretations of Irish produce. Grab a seat in their coveted heated patio and work your way through their signature ‘Pint o’ prawns with toast and homemade mayo’ whilst watching the world go by.

Junior’s Deli & Cafe, 2 Bath Avenue, Dublin 4, Ireland, (01) 664 3648

Just off Dublin’s canal is the Canal Bank Cafe. Ah the chicken wings! Dubliners and visitors alike have been seduced by the secret sauce that first originated in city-centre spot Elephant & Castle and winged (!) it’s way over to the south side of the city as the chef took up residence here. Spicy, tangy and moreish, there’s enough in one basket for sharing or as a hearty main.

Canal Bank Cafe, 146 Upper Leeson Street, Dublin 4, (01) 664 3648

Farmers’ Markets are a welcome addition to Dublin city centre. Every Thursday lunchtime you’ll find one along the canal at Mespil Road. The Paella Guys may not be Spanish but their authentic recipe has got it just right: fragrant saffron rice and glorious chunks of flavoursome chicken and piquant chorizo. Say Fish also draw the crowds with their fresh Irish fish and chips. Perch up and enjoy their crispy-soft fish and thick-cut wedges with plenty of zesty Lemon Cajun sauce.

Bon Appetit!

About the Author:
Lorraine Griffin is passionate about local produce and supporting artisan producers. She contributes to Food and Wine magazine, the ISLE magazine blog and online food-loving site diningroom.ie . Follow her on Twitter @lorrainegriffin

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