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Spending the day in Belfast

Only a short bus-ride north of Dublin is the beautiful Northern Ireland city of Belfast! Belfast is about an hour and ten minutes away by bus or car. If you aren’t renting a car during your stay, Dublin Coach makes a nonstop trip up to Belfast every hour beginning at 5:30am and ending at 8:30pm.

When you arrive in Belfast, there are a number of great attractions to see. The most popular place to visit in Belfast is the Titanic Museum, which is a wonderful exhibition all about the history of the Titanic! The Titanic was originally built in Belfast, and the museum has lots of local tidbits of information about the building of the famous ship.

The museum also has several interactive exhibits, including a hands-on video experience showing the excavation of the Titanic wreckage site.

Another great place to stop at in Belfast is the City Hall. This past June the City Hall built a free exhibit about the history of the city. The exhibit has several different rooms, showing how Belfast has grown and changed over the years and talking about noteworthy people who are originally from the city.

Belfast is a great city to walk around in as well, and there are several beautiful landmarks that you can stop by as you explore the city. One of the first landmarks to see is the Big Fish, an iconic fish-shaped monument along the waterfront. The Big Fish is a ten meter long mosaic sculpture which was constructed to celebrate the revitalizing of the River Lagan which runs through Belfast. You can also visit the Albert Memorial Clock, which was built to commemorate Queen Victoria’s consort. The clock tower is modeled after Big Ben in London, and offered a great view of the launching of the Titanic!

Lastly, an excellent place to go to end your day in Belfast is the botanic gardens. The botanic gardens have many varieties of trees and plants and also house a stunning greenhouse. In addition, the gardens have a very extensive rose garden which visitors can walk around and enjoy. It’s a great place to go to end an afternoon.

Belfast is a wonderful place to visit for a few days, and makes for a wonderful place to go to spend a morning outside of Dublin. After a busy day up north, don’t forget to head back to Ariel House for a cup of tea and a traybake!


Next week I’ll be posting about some of Dublin’s most delicious chocolate and where you can go to watch them being made. See you then!

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